5 years abroad as an Ah-merican

Celebrating 5 years as an Ah-merican living abroad!

(in three different countries but mostly Norway)

Excerpts into the thoughts and emotions one can go through with such international experiences (a bit lengthy in writing, sometimes brutally honest, and a complete lack of talent with videos, drawings, photos, writing, etc.).

Click the links for each year…

1. Anticipation (2013)

2013: “Aldo Leopold developed an ethos while…”

2. Fear (2014)

30 June 2014: “[Breathe.] Repeat. I am going to be here two more years….”

3. Isolation (2015)

“It’s a strange feeling…”

A poem: Loneliness

4. Anger (2016)

Anger (2016)

5. Understanding (2017)

“95% of a full day’s conversation in a language you cannot understand is exhausting….”

6. Acceptance (2018)

Back, temporarily, in Oslo

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