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Anthills, NYC, on individuality and the collective whole

You are a kid who just discovered the biggest anthill in North America. You peer at it, in amazement, wandering around it while trying to avoid stepping on the interstates of ants quickly streaming to-and-from the mound and into the forest. Metaphorically at this point, you are able to break it open, not fully sure…

Seeing nature, America defined

America is defined differently on the East Coast. In the Midwest, it is about a peaceful quiet, simple beauty, nature clean enough to dip summer toes into blue sparkling water, and sunshine along gently rolling corn fields with country highways. The area of forest patches increases with latitude, home to wildlife, brilliant spring ephemerals and…

Art to a nature scientist

I. Gray weather The Met, room 823. He thought little points and blobs of paint on a canvas was a good proxy to “transcribe most exactly the vivid outdoor clarity in all its nuances,” they call it divisionism and we do it in science all the time, and from afar he does convey that nature was…

Story time! 17 Mai, 06 Juni, and tracing back a name to the present A man signs Norway’s new constitution, he is one of many to do so on the 17th of May, and his son

The Hundred Acre Woods series: post 2

“It seems that a forest may not always be what it may seem”   Let’s build upon the themes of gamebooks, interactive fiction and the beginnings of adventure games (such as what partly brought about my own fondness for Pooh, as explained last time), and allow you, the reader, some choices in how you read this post.