I’m Someone else is “just saying”.

I’m just sharing &/or advising, quickly.

One small step, one giant leap, it’s a work in process not to be solved in one generation: Dramatic Improvements and Persistent Challenges for Women Ecologists (2012)

Networks matter the most for support and success: Beyond Traditional Scientific Training: The Importance of Community and Empowerment for Women in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2016)

Speak up for yourself, because no one else will, and people cannot help but listen, and will rarely ask: Solving the Productivity and Impact Puzzle: Do Men Outperform Women, or are Metrics Biased? (2016)

Unequal success can result from unequal availabilities and experiences; we have concrete data on this, so things should be changing: Bridging the Gender Gap: The Demographics of Scientists in the USDA Forest Service and Academia (2015)

Field work, meetings — and ecology — aren’t the same thing for everyone. Stop blaming yourself, and be yourselfFeminist ecology: Doing, undoing, and redoing gender in science (2016)

And remember: it’s about being equal.


Breaking out of stereotypes requires releasing a lot of baggage, doesn’t it?

This is an essay questioning stereotypes, belonging, pride, emotion, and socioeconomic standing. The question is how to reshuffle group belonging, or to represent from all groups and to help those who feel they don’t belong to feel as though they do.

This text questions to what extent people who learn stereotypes may be reinforced so strongly on their differences that they are unable to break out of their own life-lived stereotypes, something begun as (sub-) cultural but then becoming ingrained, i.e., can someone be their own barrier to success and change?